New York State Beach Cleanup

Sponsored by the American Littoral Society - Northeast Chapter

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2015 New York State
Beach Cleanup Results


During the 2015 NYS Beach Cleanup 7,723 volunteers
in 26 counties removed 125,554 pounds of debris
along 250.21 miles of shoreline.


Below is a list of the top twelve (Dirty Dozen) items found during the
2015 New York State Beach Cleanup.


Dirty Dozen
Cigarette Butts54,226
Plastic Pieces43,199
Bottle Caps (Plastic)28,673
Food Wrappers (Candy, Chips, etc.)27,794
Glass Pieces25,120
Foam Pieces25,039
Straws, Stirrers18,691
Beverage Bottle (Plastic)15,904
Bottle Caps (Metal)13,800
Grocery Bags (Plastic)10,706
Other Plastic Bags10,401
Beverage Cans8,715

In 2015, 7,723 volunteers, coordinated by the American Littoral Society, cleaned and documented 125,544 pounds of debris along 250.21 miles of New York State's shoreline.

To find out more about how the New York State Beach Cleanup works, click here!

Ocean Conservancy: Organizes/supports the state and country coordinators.
State Coordinator: Organizes the Cleanup at the state level.
Country Coordinator: Organizes the Cleanup at the country level.
Site/Beach Captain: Oversees the Cleanup at a single location/site

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